September 23, 2023

Our parish will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of St. Patrick’s Church on September 23, 2023. Details about this celebration will be forthcoming. If you are interested in helping with the planning, please contact the rectory.

What is the significance of this anniversary?

The New Church (Old Church in upper righthand corner)

The first Catholic immigrants to Binghamton were served periodically by visiting priests. In 1838, the first church was dedicated by Bishop John Hughes of New York. This mission church was placed under the patronage of St. John the Apostle and was without a resident priest for several years. On October 24th, 1843, the mission was raised to a parish, becoming the first parish in Broome County.

The parish grew under the leadership of Fr. James Hourigan and, within 30 years, had outgrown the small wooden church. Fr. Hourigan purchased additional plots of land and moved the original church to the southwest corner of the property on Oak Street. A new edifice soon rose on Leroy Street, built of red brick and limestone at the cost of $170,000. The new church was placed under the patronage of St. Patrick, Apostle to Ireland, and stood high above the skyline of the growing city of Binghamton.

The new church was dedicated on September 23, 1873 and this September marks 150 years that our beautiful church has served our parish and city.

Important dates

1838: First Catholic Church in Binghamton dedicated

1843, October 24: First Catholic Parish in Binghamton established

1873, September 23: St. Patrick’s Church dedicated

Past anniversaries

1943: Centennial of St. Patrick’s Parish

1968: Quasquicentennial (125th) of St. Patrick’s Parish

1993: Sesquicentennial (150th) of St. Patrick’s Parish

2013: Dodransbicentennial (175th) of the first Catholic mission in Binghamton, (170th of St. Patrick’s Parish)

2023: Sesquicentennial (150th) of St. Patrick’s Church, (180th of St. Patrick’s Parish)