The exterior of St. Thomas Aquinas Church is unique because if it’s octagon shape.

The Interior of St. Thomas Aquinas was updated a few years ago. The previous interior was green, with green carpeting, and there was no stained glass above the altar. The interior is now brighter and peaceful. Having no choir loft, the music area is on the main floor off to the side. The church is easily accessible for people with mobility concerns.

St. Thomas Aquinas previous interior.


St. Thomas previous altar.


St. Thomas updated church.


St. Thomas updated altar.


St. Thomas altar, Easter 2019.


St. Thomas, Christmas 2021


St. Thomas altar, Christmas 2021


Allen organ, St. Thomas.


Bechstein piano, St. Thomas.


Stained glass above the altar, The Holy Spirit.


Close-up of the stained glass above the altar.