Weekly Confession Schedule Has Changed

Please be informed that the regular weekly Sacrament of Reconciliation schedule is suspended. Your are asked to call the parish office for appointment; 722-1060 for St. Patrick’s and 797-4015 for St. Thomas Aquinas.

Read these powerful words from our Holy Father, Pope Francis 

“What If Cannot Leave Home…” The Holy Father recognized that before Easter, many faithful go to Confession to meet with God again. “However,” he acknowledged, “many will say to me today: ‘But, Father, where can I find a priest, a confessor, because one can’t leave home? And I want to make peace with the Lord, I want Him to embrace me, that my Papa embrace me . . . What can I do if I can’t find priests?’”

“Do what the Catechism says,” the Jesuit Pope stressed, “it’s very clear: if you don’t find a priest to hear your Confession, talk with God, He is your Father, and tell Him the truth: ‘Lord, I’ve done this, and that, and that . . . I’m sorry,’ and ask Him for forgiveness with all your heart, with the Act of Contrition and promise Him: ‘Afterwards I will go to Confession, but forgive me now.’”

“If you do all this,” Francis said, “you will return to God’s grace immediately. As the Catechism teaches,” he reminded, “you yourself can approach God’s forgiveness without having a priest at hand. Think: ‘it’s the moment!’ And this is the right moment, the opportune moment. An Act of Contrition well made,” Francis said, “will make our soul become white as snow.”
Pope Francis, Daily Mass Homily, Friday of the Third Week in Lent,” 20 March 2020

Examine your conscience

There are many resources available: apps, websites, etc. Click here for a variety of examinations of conscience:http://www.usccb.org/prayer-and-worship/sacraments-and sacramentals/penance/examinations-of-conscience.cfm

Ask God for his mercy

With true sorrow for your sins out of love for God (perfect contrition) and with the resolve to confess them as soon as possible, make a good act of contrition.

Sample prayers can be found here: https://www.vaticannews.va/en/prayers/act-of-contrition.html