October 28, 2021 7:00 pm

Youth Faith Formation K-10th grade off to a great start!
Classes are being held Sunday’s 10:10am – 11:10am at St. Pat’s school.
If your child is in Kindergarten—10th grade make sure they are signed up for Faith Formation!
We also welcome students from St. Cyril’s and Holy Trinity as well.
Make sure your children are sign-up today! Contact our Faith Formation Director Jeanne Higgins at 607.797.3304 or Jeanne@sta-sp.org.

Don’t forget Sacramental Preparation for your child. Typically 2nd grade is reserved for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion and 10th grade for the Sacrament of Confirmation, although preparation actually begins in the prior years– 1st & 9th grade respectively. If your child is out of sequence, no worries we can make sure they can make their Sacraments. Please contact Jeanne at the Faith Formation office with your inquiry by calling 607-797-3304 or emailing at Jeanne@sta-sp.org.