Mass Times

new schedule starting
June 13th 2020

social distancing and masks are required

Saturday Vigil
4:00 pm   St. Thomas Aquinas
5:15 pm St. Patrick’s

Sunday Schedule
9:00 am   St. Patrick’s
11:00 am   St. Thomas Aquinas
4:00 pm   St. Patrick’s

7:00 am   St. Patrick’s
10:00 am   St. Thomas Aquinas

Saturday Morning
10:00 am   St. Patrick’s



modified environment to accommodate social distancing
screens and curtains are in place

11:30 am   St. Patrick’s rectory front and side door
3:00 pm   St. Thomas Aquinas church’s handicap entrance

other times by appointment

social distancing and masks are required

Eucharistic Adoration

3:00 – 5:00pm Monday – Friday in St. Patrick’s Church
following 10:00 am Mass until 1:00 pm Saturday’s
in St. Patrick’s Church

Other Mass Times in the Area:
During the pandemic, Mass times have been changing.
We recommend contacting parishes directly for their times.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the interest.