Can we pray for you? Would you like a visit or Holy Communion brought to you? Please contact the parish office.

Very Rev. Msgr. John P Putano, V.F.

Rev. Stephen Nyamweya Ogaro,
Parochial Vicar

Rev. Paul Machira 
In Residence at St. Thomas Aquinas

Sr. Mary Jane Athieno, LSOSF,
St. Patrick’s Pastoral Care Associate & Sacristan

Sr. Teresia Mutiso, LSOSF,
St. Thomas Aquinas Pastoral Care Associate & Sacristan

Parish Volunteers- Several of our parishioners devote themselves to volunteer as prayer warriors and or visitors bringing Holy Communion to those who cannot easily attend services. 

Transportation Services- The parishes of St. Patrick’s and St. Thomas Aquinas now have a transportation van and drivers which provide parishioners who need a ride to Mass. We currently provide service to the Saturday, 4PM Vigil Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas on a weekly basis. We also desire to provide transportation for special programs at the parishes. Please call the St. Thomas Aquinas Office for more information at 797-4015.