Pastoral Staff

Can we pray for you? Would you like a visit or Holy Communion brought to you? Please contact the parish office. Please know that due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we are temporarily restricted from entering nursing facilities on a non-emergent basis. We look forward to our regular visitation schedule just as soon as we are allowed. In the meantime please do not hesitate to call the parish office with the request so we may make the visits as soon as possible. God bless you and your loved one.

Rev. Msgr. John P Putano,

Rev. Stephen Nyamweya Ogaro,
Parochial Vicar

Rev. Paul Machira 
In Residence at St. Thomas Aquinas

Sr. Mary Jane Athieno, LSOSF,
St. Patrick’s Pastoral Care Associate & Sacristan

Sr. Teresia Mutiso, LSOSF,
St. Thomas Aquinas Pastoral Care Associate & Sacristan

Parish Volunteers- Several of our parishioners devote themselves to volunteer as prayer warriors and or visitors bringing Holy Communion to those who cannot easily attend services. 

Transportation Services- The parishes of St. Patrick’s and St. Thomas Aquinas now have a transportation van and drivers which provide parishioners who need a ride to Mass. We currently provide service to the Saturday, 4PM Vigil Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas on a weekly basis. We also desire to provide transportation for special programs at the parishes. Please call the St. Thomas Aquinas Office for more information at 797-4015.

Administrative Staff

Danita Fiacco
Parish Administrator – shared

Fred Kelley
Technology Care Taker – shared

        Jeanne Higgins
       Director of Faith Formation – shared

Karen Gill-Leighton
Youth Ministry – shared

Barbara Donnelly
SP Special Events Coordinator

Mickey Carbo
Secretary STA – Tuesday

Maria DePersiis
Secretary STA – Friday

Kathyann Strong
Count Caretaker STA – Monday
Secretary STA – Wednesday, Thursday

Marie Evans
Secretary SP – Tuesday, Thursday

Kathy Lash
Secretary SP Monday, Wednesday afternoon, Friday morning

Carolyn Scoville
Secretary SP Monday, Wednesday mornings, Friday afternoon

Liturgical Staff

 For St. Patrick’s – 

Easter 2019 at St. Patrick’s

  Sr. Mary Jane Atheino, LSOSF
  SP Sacristan

  Michael Steflik
  SP Organist

  Hilary Squier
  SP Choir Director

  Kassandra Profera

James Apicella

For St. Thomas Aquinas –

Pentecost 2018 St. Thomas Aquinas


Sr. Teresia Mutiso
STA Sacristan


Steven Nanni
STA Choir Director


Buildings & Grounds


St. Patrick’s

                            Jim Foley
                            SP Maintenance 

                            James Brown
                            SP Maintenance 

                            Mary Peck
                            SP Rectory Caretaker




St. Thomas Aquinas 

        Alexander Wixsom
STA Caretaker

              David Blaine
STA Caretaker