Saint Thomas Aquinas Church
1 Aquinas Street, Binghamton NY 13905
Mass an Investment
As you enter the church, consider the grace of God that brought you to this present moment.
Invest in this moment.  God loves you: every part of the Mass proclaims this truth.  He wants your openness to His love, 
not your performance.  He is inviting you to participate, in whatever way you can.
Come to Mass early and get in tune with the Lord.  Like athletes warm up before a game, prayer is our "warm up" before Mass.
If we come in ice cold and not in tune, it's easy to become ritualistic.  Ask the Lord to prepare your heart to hear His word.
Read the scriptures for the Mass ahead of time so when they are proclaimed you will hear them in your heart. 
Be attentive to the specific word of love Jesus will say to you during Mass.  Invest in this moment.  It will never pass this
way again.
Jesus is infinitely patient with our slow learning and continues to draw us to Himself.  He brings us now to this most 
sacred time of Eucharistic union with Him. Enter in, and deepen your knowledge of this truth.  Immerse yourself in the reality 
of God's gift.