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 IVF is the process by which eggs are removed from your ovaries and mixed with sperm in a
laboratory culture dish. Fertilization takes place in this dish, "in vitro", which means "in glass".
Thousands of IVF babies have been born since the first in 1978.
The Incarnation is a unique and singular event. Its truth informs the way we view God and ourselves.
Why Marriage Cannot Be Compromised

Marriage is a sacrament and needs to be defended.  
Where marriage stands today and where it may be headed in the future of the same sex marriage (SSM) debate.
The late pontiff's sixty to ninety minutes of private prayer before Mass were the best part of his day .
Dear Father,
I don’t go to church that often, but I enjoy going with the relatives on holidays like Christmas
and Easter. On those occasions I also like to go to Communion with all the family—it gives
us a special sense of togetherness, and it wouldn’t be Mass without Communion. I am writing
because this past Christmas, my mother-in-law, who is a fanatical Catholic, told me we needed
to go to confession before going to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve if we wanted to receive
Communion. I told her to mind her own business, that we would all be going to Communion
as a family, and that I don’t believe God’s love depends on whether you go to Mass every single
Sunday. So, who is right, me or my mother-in-law?
Artfully Battling the Giants of Black Genocide
Bomberger spoke with Catholic World Report about his work at the Radiance Foundation,
which uses high-quality ads to convey pro-life messages, especially to the black community.
Bomberger, whose mother was raped and gave him up for adoption, is challenging those who,
he says, are ignoring history and logic and refusing to defend the most defenseless.
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 German sociologist Gabriele Kuby

German sociologist Gabriele Kuby has been warning the public about threats to society and
dangers to the Catholic Faith for years. She has warned of the excesses of the cultural revolution
of 1968, offered a critique of the ideology of feminism, and warned of the destructive effects of
the sexual revolution. But what makes her especially qualified to speak about such matters is
that she herself was a revolutionary soixante-huitard before converting to the Catholic Faith in 1997.
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  Homosexuality, Identity and the Grace of Chasity

Father Check, who served as an officer in the Marine Corps prior to being ordained to the priesthood in 1997,
spoke recently with Catholic World Report about the Church’s wisdom in not reducing persons to an identity based
solely upon their sexual appetites, and how the average Catholic can respond to the aggressive social agenda
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  I am Gay
 It's one of today's most difficult conversations, but one increasingly impossible to avoid. The spiritual, political,
 and emotional implications make this topic explosive. How can pastors talk realistically and redemptively with
 those seeking pastoral guidance about same sex attraction? We asked Stan Jones, who has academic, professional,
 and personal experience in helping those sorting out their homosexual orientation, to let us listen in on one of his
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  Pope Francis' Letter to the Founder of "La Repubblica" Italian Newspaper
 Pope Francis responds to a series of questions posed by the newspaper’s cofounder Eugenio Scalfari. Scalfari,
 a self-professed atheist, admits that he has always been fascinated by faith insofar as it attempts to answer three
 important questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? He believes modernity has drastically
 changed the way we need to think and talk about these questions since we can no longer take for granted that the human
 mind knows “absolutes” and therefore “truth.”
 Bodies the reportedly undergo little or no decomposition after death are referred to as incorrupt.
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  Protection of Marriage
  The age of liberation from sexual roles and standards has also been an age of ever greater inequality.

    1.  In the Roman Catholic Church, a principle of social doctrine that all social bodies exist for the sake of the individual so
        that what individuals are able to do, society should not take over, and what small societies can do, larger societies should not take over.

    2. In political systems, the principle of transferring decisions to the lowest practical level.
    Why is this basic principle of Catholic social teaching praised more than it is practiced?....

 Should I Think About Becoming a Nun?

 What is a nun and what does she do in religious life?   
 It is Impossible to be Pro-ecology and Pro-abortion
Benedict XVI in his 2009 encyclical Caritas in Veritate (and elsewhere): “Our duties towards the environment are linked to our duties towards the   human person, considered in  himself and in relation to others. It would be wrong to uphold one set of duties while trampling on the other."  Thus, one cannot trample the life of a human being by promoting abortion of a baby which demeans a human being, disrupts the environment, and  damages society and then claim that one is pro-ecology.
The Love and Fidelity Network promotes the idea that our society thrives on healthy family life, stable marriages and the sexual integrity
of its individuals. The Love and Fidelity Network supports and encourages college students to uphold the institution of marriage
and the special role of the family.
Are Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion Linked?

John Smeaton is executive director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) in the United Kingdom.
John is a pro-life leader in the UK calls on bishops worldwide to throw their support behind efforts to strengthen
a Culture of Life.

A world without God, without absolute moral values rooted in divine revelation,
irrevocably turns into the realm of the rule of slavery and lawlessness.

The warning that Alfeyev is issuing is that the post-Christian society the West has been busily
constructing for the past several generations, a society based on moral relativism, and rejection
of the customs and traditions of our past, has no future, but leads to a dead end.
Maynard’s decision to take her life drew national attention as she used her terminal cancer diagnosis to advocate for the legalization of assisted suicide nationwide. Maynard hoped her choice to die would become available to more people who face suffering like her own. Euthanasia opponents pleaded with Maynard to reconsider, insisting that ending suffering early does not preserve dignity.